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Welcome to
Kurt Ribbhagen AB
anno 1942!

The business was started in 1942 by Kurt Ribbhagen, father of the brothers Björn, Hans and Jan (Janne). Björn and Hans started their jobs for the company straight after school, while Jan preferred to try his own wings in a different way. However, after various other jobs, including as a car salesman at Bilia, Janne was needed in the family business and so it had to be. ​Janne decided to be the best and started reading all the books about silver & jewels and auction catalogs he came across, meetings with other traders both in Sweden and abroad, mainly England and Germany as well as gold and silversmiths who taught him everything about the craft. In addition, a course in gemmology to immerse oneself in the magical world of precious stones. Janne's expertise grew and he was soon discovered by the team behind "The swedish road show", SVT, who needed specialists. The beginning of an approximately 30-year success with Sweden's biggest experts in art, furniture, silver and jewels began and no one has escaped Janne's classic comment "This was a real thriller" - followed by his big laugh. ​In later years, Janne ran the store himself with his employees at Birger Jarlsgatan 2, until it was time to retire. Janne has retired from daily work and now runs a shop in collaboration with Ribbhagen & Sörsand Antik at Nybrogatan 26, Stockholm.​ Janne mainly works with antique fairs such as Stockholm Antique Fair, Brösarp Antique Fair, Helsingborg Art & Antique Fair, Grand Antiques at Liljevalchs, Marstrand Art & Antique Fair, Galleri Donner in Helsinki, etc.

The first shop was located at Drottninggatan 75, a hole in the wall that consisted of a workshop and a counter with inspiration taken from shops in London, where second-hand, antique and new were sold in one and the same place, which was unique for this time in Sweden .

Jan Ribbhagen who is the owner of Kurt Ribbhagen AB who is an upper middle aged man with short cut gray hair and glasses with narrow red rims and a big smile

Member of SKAF(Sweden's Art and Antique Dealers' Association) and CINOA, (International Art and Antique Dealers Association).

Best Regards Jan Ribbhagen

SKAF Logotype - Sweden's Art and Antique Dealers Association
CINOA Logotype-Preserving-Protecting-Promoting-Antiquities-Art-Antiques
GEM-A-Logotype- Gemmological Association and Gem
Two Diamonds
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